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We specialize in developing websites that, in addition to being beautiful and affordable, are optimized for all search engines.​​​​​​​​

You have no more excuses not to have a website.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Builderallmall Web Design Club is here for you!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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What can we do for you?​​​​​​​

Using responsive design we ensure our sites work on all devices.​​​​​​​


In the world of business competition is tough, therefore we have come up with the cheapest services that could make you beat the competition. Whether your business is small or large your company definitely needs to develop a good website to create first line of communication between you and your potential customers. Having a website can build better relationship between you and your customers. You can send messages instantly to your customers through emails. Also, your customers can review your products or services online and can also leave feedback for your business. Web design and development help your company to increase product knowledge, maintain communications between you and your potential customers. 


  • Domain Name (.com / / .ie &etc)

Should it happen that you do not have a domain name, we will register the domain in your name so it's your ownership.  

  • Mobile Responsive Friendly

Websites will be adjusted and can be viewed on any mobile device, cellphone, tablet, ipad.  We will initially design up to 8 pages for you, but from there you can add unlimited pages.  ​​​​​​​

  • 2hr Free Maintenance

We will update and maintain your website for 1hr on a monthly basis, so if you want to update your site you can just send us the details and we will update it for you. Updates are done within 24hrs. 

  • 15 Email Accounts

You get up to 15 email accounts eg. info@domainname, contact@domainname

  •   Social Media Buttons

 Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin,

If you have a facebook page, we can have a facebook icon on your site which will link to your fb page and the same for all your other social media profiles. We will get you a facebook page if you dont have one yet.

  • Contact Form

A form that your users can fill in to request more information eg. the user's name, tel, email and their enquiry. This is a great method of building a database of clients to keep in contact with them in the future. 

  •  Image

Slideshow A Large slideshow of images, which can fade from one to the other and you can even add a caption for each image. 

  • Gallery

You can have a gallery of images, displayed with thumbnails and if the user clicks on it, it will popup in a large display. You can categorize your gallery as well and have as many images as you like. 

  • Youtube Videos

If you have a relevant video on youtube that you want to show on your site. 

  •  Google Maps

Google Maps is great for your contact us page to show your users where you or your offices are located.

  • Monthly Reporting

You will have access to a Full Statistics Report on your website, unique visitors, pages, hits etc.  

  • Daily Backups

Your site and database is backedup daily, so if anything should ever happen, rest assured we have a full backup of your site.  

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

We use ssl to encrypt link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. It also creats a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases.

  • Errors  

We offer an error free environment. It is our responsibility to make sure your web site design stays error free.  

  • Up-to-Date

How many times have you visited a website that is out of date, some pages are not working? Too many times, so rest assured, with Builderallmall web design club services, that will never be the case with your website.

  • SEO  (Search Engine Optimisation)

simply means creating and fine-tuning your website so that Google and the other search engines rank and list your site as high up in the lists as possible for certain queries. we guarantee that within a few days of launching your website you will be receiving emails from people offering to get you to the top of the Google rankings, for a price, of course.  


We create affordable and effective websites and marketing strategies for a wide range of clients from retail shops to manufacturing, tradespeople, schools, IT service providers and funeral directors, plumbers, electricians, restaurants, attorneys, accountants and salons.  We take pride in first understanding your business needs and then combining that with our knowledge of world wide web trends and technical strategies to produce a truly effective and affordable website for you and your business.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We at Builderallmall Web Design Club are dedicated to offer you the best service and expert advice at an affordable price. Whether we are building a new website to showcase your company or strategically developing an advertising campaign to enhance your brand, we always aim to design high quality web design packages which may also include opt-in pages, funnels and etc.(optional).

We noted that small businesses struggled to get off the ground, therefore we saw the need to expose them by creating a way for them to expose their own branding in order to get customers closer. The custom web design solutions we create for our clients aren’t just pretty pictures, they help deliver results. We fine tune your website so the search engines recognizes your content and places you higher in the search listings for that subject.

Each website we design is built with our client’s goals in mind. All of our web design

packages include free on page search engine optimization (SEO), which involves optimizing page titles, permanent links, descriptions, content and more to ensure that your website will be indexed by all major search engines. We also offer free social media integration to all of our clients.

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